Direct Cremation

The lowest funeral price in Scotland – Guaranteed. No hidden fees, all-inclusive price of £899.


A direct cremation is very different from a traditional funeral and some may feel that it is not right for their loved ones, however, more and more people are choosing unattended cremations as an alternative to traditional funerals because:

  • No frills, no fuss send off they wanted
  • They are able to organise their own private send-off away from the crematorium at a time to suit their family and friends
  • Final surviving members of their family or friends
  • A traditional funeral can be sombre and depressing
  • The lower cost means my family could be left more
  • If you don’t like funerals

Our Direct funeral package is an affordable solution for those who are on a budget or simply do not wish for all the pomp and fuss of limousines and hearses but wish to maintain the highest level of dignity and care for the deceased.

We will never sell you services you don’t need, however, we have everything you may want to have it your way should you wish to add additional services just let us know.

It is important to remember that with a direct cremation there is no attended service at the committal.

If you want a more traditional funeral service please compare our funeral packages.

Comparison is between our price for each funeral package with the Co-op Funeralcare price for each equivalent package in Scotland. Comparison can be verified by clicking here for details of packages compared to Co-op’s packages. Prices exclude any discounts that may be available. For further details, a copy brochure, or to verify the claim please contact us on [email protected]

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What's included ?

The following below is included in our Direct Cremation.

You may chose to customise this package to suit your needs.

  • Provision of all Funeral Director services to make the funeral arrangements for an unattended direct cremation
  • Completion of all documentation and liaison with all third parties
  • Advice, support and guidance
  • Bringing the deceased into our care anywhere in Scotland
  • Care and preparation of the deceased (excluding embalming)
  • Transportation of deceased in a private ambulance
  • Fully lined and fitted simple coffin (upgrades available)