Lowest cost fully guaranteed funeral plans in Scotland

We are always determined to offer our funeral plans for the best value at the lowest price in Scotland.
To help us do this, we regularly compare our prices with the other major funeral service providers in the area*. Below is a comparison of our Gold plan against other comparable plans from Co-op and Dignity.
If you choose this plan you will save 25% AGAINST THE CO-OP giving you a cash saving of up to £1000!

All our plans are fully guaranteed. This means the price you pay for all the services included in your plan will stay the same no matter what.



DIGNITY (Diamond)
Cremation - are all services guaranteed with no more to pay at time of funeral?
Burial - are all services guaranteed with no more to pay at time of funeral?
Will only pay a contribution of £1,220 towards third party burial costs that increases in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI).
Provision of all Funeral Directors services to make the funeral arrangements including completion of all documentation and liaison with 3rd parties.
Taken into care at any time of day or night anywhere in ScotlandWithin 50 mile radiusWithin 50 mile radius
Hearse and personnel
Care and preparation of the deceased (excluding embalming)
Viewing at any time by appointment

Number of limousines following hearse
2 Limousines

2 Limousines

2 Limousines
High quality wood veneer coffin
Mutual agreement of date and time of funeral
Flexible cortege (funeral procession) route


*We review the online prices & plan services weekly, and the print brochures monthly, of the main UK plan providers (Golden Charter, Dignity & Co-op). Whichever competitor offers the best value plan we will update ours to match the services included and offer it at a lower price point.