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We at Fosters Funerals Directors are always determined to make our services the best value for you, our customers.
To help us do this, we regularly compare our prices with the other major funeral service providers in the area.
We hope this comparison will assure you of the high value of the services we provide.
Does not include third party costs.

excludes third party costs
excludes third party costs
excludes third party costs
Provision of all Funeral Directors services to make the funeral arrangements
Completion of all documentation and liaison with all third parties
Advice, support and guidance
Care and preparation of the deceased
Funeral director and four bearers

Hearse and personnel
Choice of coffin
Choice of a wood veneered coffin

Choice of a wood effect coffin
Choice of date and time of funeral
Flexible funeral cortege
1 Limousine

1 Limousine
Order of Service (4 page 50 pieces)