Personalised Poetry

Memories of your loved one encapsulated in unique verse, written for keepsake or for recital at the funeral

The loss that one feels

When a soulmate has gone

The unimaginable grief

As alone one carries on


Painfully each day

Wondering why and how it can be

That what was once we,

Has now come to mean

Simply me


Wandering around

Somewhat dazed and alone

Suddenly remembering

Your infectious laughter I groan


As it feels like a physical pain

Not to have you close to me my dear

But our memories live forever

And through them I know, my darling

I shall always have you near

Gran now that you have gone

Words of conversations we had linger on

"Always be good to yourself" you used to say

And you were true to your word until your

Independence was eventually taken away

As independent you were, during your lifetime,

Well respected and admired

For all who knew you, a presence that inspired

Not many Grans when mugged for their bag

While walking along the street

Would send the robber off empty handed

That was no mean feat!

With eyes a beautiful cornflower blue

Remarked upon their beauty by everyone she knew

And as patiently you tried to teach us to knit embroider and sew

Unfortunately we did not inherit that

Particular gene of yours you know

So now dear Gran that you have gone to rest

We all remember with love and sadness

That you were certainly one of the best!

Poetry; surely one of the oldest ways to express our love, happiness and sorrows.

Often recited at funerals to celebrate the lives and memories of those who have passed, Fosters Funeral Directors can help you by providing personalised verses written by local writer and poet, Evelyn Balloch. Evelyn will sit with you to find out some of the most important memories, events and people from the life of the deceased. Her verses will be composed especially to remember the life of your loved one.

Your personalised poetry can be recited by a family member or friend during the orders of service, and can be framed for you on beautiful paper to keep as a priceless memento. When read again and again it can serve as a living memory of that person long after they have passed away.

Please let us know if you wish to know more about having a personalised verse written for your loved one.


Prices vary depending on the nature of the subject, but usually start around £50 and would be a minimum of £75 if the verse is to be recited. Prices for printed copies will depend on the type and quality of paper chosen.

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