Film a Funeral

Record the memory of your farewell to your loved one, for posterity and for absent family members

Lady receiving package Fosters Funeral Directors are the first in Glasgow to be able to provide a discreet, professional funeral filming and memorial video service.

Filming a funeral can help to remember those most precious memories and also share them with relatives and friends who live overseas and are unable to attend the funeral service or memorial and provide a memory for children who may have lost a parent at a young age.

Whatever the reason, we can provide you with a way of capturing those special memories. We can film as much or as little of the funeral as you prefer. We can cover the church or crematorium or graveside.

We use unobtrusive broadcast quality recording equipment. All funerals or memorials are recorded in full HD quality. Our video cameras are fixed to small tripods so we can film steady shots at a respectful distance. We understand that this is a very sad time for you and your relatives and therefore our professional camera operators are always polite, reliable and discreet.

We are able to complete the production of a funeral film within one week of the funeral service. You can choose the music of your choice for us to add to the funeral film.Family watching video

Our recommendation on the day of the funeral would be to set up approximately 90 minutes before the funeral service starts to allow us to be in position for guests arriving and remain in position until the final guests have left before dismantling our discreet camera equipment.

Total cost of this package is £399
For further details please contact: 0141 647 8080

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