Simply Cremation

For a simple, straightforward cremation funeral without a service.

More and more people over the past number of years have been requesting a funeral to take place without a service.

This can be for a whole host of reasons: maybe the deceased has no immediate family remaining or it may be that their family resides in other parts of the world.

Alternatively, their family may have no wish for the funeral ceremony as we know it today and may instead prefer to hold a remembrance service in a church or possibly their home or even at a hotel where people can celebrate the life of the deceased.

They may wish to have the cremated remains returned to them for a scattering by friends and family in a meaningful and memorable location.

Whichever options you prefer, we can fit the necessities of a cremation funeral around your wishes via our Simply Cremation service.

We will aim to take your loved one into our care within one hour then prepare them for the cremation by dressing them and placing them into an Arran coffin. A funeral director will complete all necessary legal documentation and then, in due course, take your loved one to a crematorium of our choice where the cremation will take place privately. If the families wish to receive the cremated remains these would be returned to them immediately.

The cost for our Simply Cremation service - £1000.

Below is a list of various other extras which are not included within the Simply Cremation package. Some families may wish to opt for our other packages.

Basic Simply Cremation package price
×Pre-paid funeral plan.
Select coffin, if required
×Please select from a choice of traditional wood veneer, solid wood, eco, or colourful coffins.
Select urn type, if required
×Make this selection if you require the ashes to be transferred into an urn, as the ashes are normally returned to us in an eco friendly container.
Select flower arrangement
×Please select a flower from our selection. These flowers are delivered fresh on the day of the funeral. However you may wish to supply your own.
×It is always necessary prior to any funeral or viewing for the deceased to be prepared for their final journey; this includes washing and dressing.
×Fosters will convey the deceased into the house.
Total CC999 £0.00

Fosters Funeral Directors will take care of your requests. Simply contact us on 0800 121 8090 or by email through our Contact page for immediate assistance.

Fosters Funeral Directors

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