Purely Burial

For a simple, fixed-price, funeral service and burial package: £2000 includes Interment Fee

Our Purely Burial service is available for £2000 including burial fee, this all-inclusive service is designed for families who wish a simple service to say farewell to their loved one at the cemetery of their choice. We have developed this service in response to requests from families looking for an alternative to the hearse leaving from the family home. Families would make their own way to the cemetery or alternatively hire one of our luxurious Mercedes-Benz limousines, here they would be met by the minister / priest / humanist who would be conducting the service and their loved one would arrive in one of our modern Mercedes-Benz hearses. Purely Burial will still allow you to have the personal farewell service with your choice of hymns, music and tribute. Should you wish extras such as flowers or limousine these can be arranged at an additional cost. We maintain our usual high standard of customer care in our Purely Burial service.

Purely Burial includes: Professional service of our funeral company to provide help and guidance, take instruction from families, complete all legal documents required for the funeral to take place. Supply of a simple burial coffin with white silk lining, gold / silver handles and name plate and cords. Transportation of your loved one from place of death to our funeral parlour 24 hours a day and onto any cemetery in Scotland for the service in one of our modern Mercedes-Benz hearses. Preparation and dressing of your loved one in their own clothes in accordance to the wishes of the family.

The cost for our Purely Burial service is £2000 (+ Cost of new Lair if required).

Below is a list of various other extras which are not included within the Purely Burial package. Some families may wish to opt for our other packages.

Basic Purely Burial package price
×Pre-paid funeral plan.
×Please make a selection with the dropdown menu.
×This selection determines the fee charged for a burial.
Do you require a new plot?
×If the family do not have a grave in this cemetery a new grave plot will be required.
Select coffin, if required
×Please select from a choice of traditional wood veneer, solid wood, eco, or colourful coffins.
Select flower arrangement
×Please select a flower from our selection. These flowers are delivered fresh on the day of the funeral. However you may wish to supply your own.
×You may wish to select hymn sheets / orders of service for the funeral service. However you may wish to supply your own.
×Some families may wish to inform old friends of the death and details of the funeral.
(The price of newspaper notices vary by size and by newspaper. This is the minimum cost and may increase, depending on the size of the notice).
×Includes Hearse to take the deceased from the family home or location of your choice to the place of Service. Includes Hearse, Funeral Director and staff.

Fosters use Mercedes-Benz Hearses. However other means of transport are available such as horse-drawn carriage, motor cycle hearse and various others.
×An evening reception for Roman Catholic funerals. The evening reception precedes the funeral service the following day, so this option is only available if the Service prior to Cremation/Burial option is selected.

This option includes the Mercedes Benz hearse leaving from family home or location of your choice.
×If a Church Service or Evening Reception is selected, the Hearse is included and carries no extra charge.

Fosters use Mercedes-Benz Hearses. However other means of transport are available, such as horse-drawn carriage, motor cycle hearse or various others.

Our Purely packages will allow your loved one to leave from the family home at an additional charge, however, if this option is not required you would meet your loved one at the crematorium or burial ground of your choice.
×Our Service Room is located in Glasgow and seats 80.
×Fosters use Mercedes-Benz Limousines. However other means of transport are available on request.
×It is always necessary prior to any funeral or viewing for the deceased to be prepared for their final journey; this includes washing and dressing.
×Fosters will convey the deceased into the house.
×We can arrange a funeral tea for you at a location of your choice. Pricing will of course depend on the venue/location and caterer and is not included in the total price shown here.
×You may wish to choose a Civil Celebrant or Humanist, depending on the type of funeral service that you wish to have.
Total CC999 £0.00

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, either through our Contact page or directly by email at enquiries@scottishfunerals.com or telephone 0800 121 8090.

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